The third millennium guidebook!

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The first guidebook that shows all the best jam crack pitches of the european granit paradise.

200 jam crack of the best walls of the Mont Blanc, with comments, description, drawnings, pictures, climbing style, pitch by pitch protections, all experienced live....

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Price: € 28,00 (+5 € european countries delivery)

Italian, English, French editions


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I've got the English version of Mont Blanc Super Cracks. It's an excellent guide - the translation is sometimes a little idiosyncratic, but the descriptions, topos and photos give plenty of detail. It gives Supertopo-type listings of what cams to take. Very good coverage of the Grand Cap. I got it direct from the author Lamberto Camurri - but I expect it will soon appear in some UK climbing shops. I'd grab a copy as soon as possible, since it may turn out to be one of those labour of love guides that become very much sought after - like the original Piola guide to the Cham Aiguilles. Incidentally, some of the routes get significant upgradings. Eg Majorette Thatcher on the Blaitiere goes from mainly 5+ with a short 6b crux (in Piola) to sustained 6a with several sections of 6b+/6c.

UK Climbing forum, 2012, august

Editions André Odemard, Villeurbaine FR

JL Tafforeau, 22 August 2012


Jul 11, 2012 - 10:38am PT
I lived in Europe for a few years and found that even with the abundance of guidebooks sometimes it's hard to come by good
info on routes (especially in the French Alps). However, a new guide just came out that I think might change the game.
It's called Mont Blanc Supercracks and is all about multipitch splitters in the Alps. Might be hard to order, though, since you can only get it shipped to Europe and need a bank there to pay. I'd love to get a hold of a copy.

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